Monday, March 23, 2009


Sorry for the delay in posts been a bit busy with some stuff in reflect but i'm just gonna post some music up right now and then hopefully come back to them sometime with a bit more personal insight on each one of the bands. This band was on Pin Drop Records back in the day and one of my all time favorites coming from this label. This download will include the releases "Nothing In Return" and the rare and hard to find final release from the band "The Color Of Old Memory" which happens to be my favorite release by them. The thing is in the beginning i think Holdstrong had a great sound but they weren't really anything new ya know? I mean i enjoyed the early material but the last album they put out was different, it had a sound totally of its own ihey found there sound and then they ended i think it is outstanding and its still on full rotation from the first time i heard the album 6 years ago. Such a brutal and breathtaking cd I mean the very opening song "Vanity Lay Dead" is so fast and loud Its hard to choose a favorite but if i was to pick one it would probably be the song "Crucible". Download this and Enjoy. Also forgot to mention "The Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune" 7" is included in the tracks of the "Color Of Old Memory" album starting from the song "Left Outside" and on.


  1. these guys were fucking dicks made me hate the band after seeing them play years back

  2. ah for real? that's a bummer i loved there sound, seems like alot of bands im into were dicks when they were around haha