Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seventy-Eight Days

Not much information can be found on this band but i feel the need to upload the releases i have of theres. The ex-singer of chokehold owner of Goodfellow records (taken, everytimeidie, seasonoffire) Chris Logan went on to form this band in the late 90's not much longer after chokehold ended. These canadians released a 7"/EP-cd on Trustkill entitled "Revolution Through Anonymity" my favorite release of the two and the final 4 song EP on Chris's label titled "Canvas". SeventyEightDays sound was much different than Chris's previous band, a sort of Snapcase inspired band with heavy but technical guitar riffs. The vocals in this cd kill it for me so much strain and power i was impressed how much emotion i felt listening to it. My favorite song out of both releases would probably be "Passerby" on "Revolution...". I'm not sure if they had a demo or any other stuff put out if anyone knows of any let me know or if you have any of it you could send me that'd be amazing. Otherwise, Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Heavy, Bitter, And From the Heart...

I couldn't think of a better way to describe them as the official myspace page has done. Such a passionate and beautiful sound that brings to mind bands like Ressurection, Cable, 108, and SeventyEight Days (featuring the vocalist of chokehold) which i'll come around to posting some stuff from them soon enough. Its music like this that clasps tight on your heart strings. The emotion and intensity heard in the vocals (which it may just be me but gives me this Modest Mouse kinda feeling at times?) just pull you into the already breathtaking sound of it all. My favorite release would probably have to be "Feeling Older Faster" the complex distortion of the feedback from the first track that breaks into the song "Midas" with the heavy clean chugs then later you get to the song "Penicillin" and i think that was the song that convinced me of the sheer brilliance of Threadbare's overall sound. The band reformed after 12 years back in July for a show to benefit the bassist's sister who had passed away from a fight with cancer to help raise money for a scholarship based in her name. Everyone probably knows by now that they will be performing at the hardcore event of the year this May in Chicago at the Burning Fight book release show which all proceeds are going to various charities. This compilation is an unofficial discography of all of Threadbare's recordings and releases put together by the guy at the icoulddietomorrow blog im just reposting it. From what i understand Second Nature Records will be putting out a discography before the Burning Fight show too. Download this and be happy.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Eleven Thirty-Four

Fitting for my first post i chose to do it on 1134. I was introduced to Eleven Thirty-Four at the second Coming of Age Fest put on by new age records in Victorville California, reflect was asked to play so we were out and they had the "reality filter" full length for 2 bucks along with a few other old new age albums. I was told to just listen to the track "conquest" and i would be sold so i picked it up without any knowledge of who or what they were about besides the fact that they were a new age records band which is reason enough. Reminiscent of bands like Spawn and Suppression Swing the bass groves and simple guitar chugs mixed with the poetic rhymes sang and screamed i was hooked. Progressive yet catchy they slowly but surely became one of my favorite bands. This is from what i understand would be the discography including what would be the "Idle Regression" ep that was unreleased, minus the "guilty by association" comp song that is taken from the "reality filter" full length anyways. Enjoy.