Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seventy-Eight Days

Not much information can be found on this band but i feel the need to upload the releases i have of theres. The ex-singer of chokehold owner of Goodfellow records (taken, everytimeidie, seasonoffire) Chris Logan went on to form this band in the late 90's not much longer after chokehold ended. These canadians released a 7"/EP-cd on Trustkill entitled "Revolution Through Anonymity" my favorite release of the two and the final 4 song EP on Chris's label titled "Canvas". SeventyEightDays sound was much different than Chris's previous band, a sort of Snapcase inspired band with heavy but technical guitar riffs. The vocals in this cd kill it for me so much strain and power i was impressed how much emotion i felt listening to it. My favorite song out of both releases would probably be "Passerby" on "Revolution...". I'm not sure if they had a demo or any other stuff put out if anyone knows of any let me know or if you have any of it you could send me that'd be amazing. Otherwise, Enjoy.

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