Friday, February 13, 2009

Pushing Up Daisies

Posting this for all the local kids who never had a chance to witness the raw power of this band. One of the most unique and intense bands to come from salt lake in my opinion, the melodic yet eerie guitar mixed with pummeling beats and the strange atmosphere created by the keyboard sounds, vocals that just scream pain leave you clenching at your chest, i had the opportunity of seeing them play a few times before they had fallen apart for whatever reason there was. This cd has always been a strong favorite in my collection and i wish more people would have the chance to experience the bands presence. Here's an album review done by "" - "The phenomenally named Pushing Up Daisies hail from Salt Lake City, and their eponymous EP can best be described as new age hardcore (think Dillinger Escape Plan minus a few schizophrenic personalities and a more straightforward sense of songcraft). How else to explain the presence of a keyboard player within a hardcore band? But just when you think Pushing Up Daisies have utterly divested their interests in these hardcore credentials -- and numerous such moments are likely to occur in a short span of any one of their epic-length songs -- they suddenly make their way back to the style's unmistakable cues: raging guitars and screamed vocals. Especially elaborate examples include the two-part "Clipping Cupid's Wings," which starts on a Caribbean beat, explodes into hardcore fury, then relaxes into moody guitar echoes; and the nine-minute colossus "The Perfect Love," which coasts from outright grindcore to a haunting ballad in the span of seconds -- more than once! Opener "Bus Ride" is another highlight, its seemingly innocuous title and occasionally sprightly melodies belying its vicious explosions of anger and chilling lyrics taking you inside the mind of a Jew bound for a concentration camp. Let's just say there's enough variety of sounds going on here (try a theremin!) to keep even the most eclectic listener guessing, and praying for a follow-up. " - Did i mention this cd had some of my favorite album art ever?

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